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I am looking for the lyrics to We Are Soldiers in the Army an old Black Church (sometimes hymn, sometimes choir song).

This is the chorus:
We are soldiers in the Army. We have to fight although we have to cry. We have to hold up the bloodstained banner, we have to hold it up until we die.

It is has an up tempo beat. I need the verses asap.


Teresa G.S. Taylor

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congregation/group sings
individual sings

we are soldiers in the army, we have to fight and some they have to die, we got a hold on the blood stained banner, we got  to hold it up until we die

now (INSERT NAME) s/he was a soldier, - alright!
s/he had his/her eyes on the gospel plough - praise the lord

and one day s/he got old s/he couldn't fight any more s/he said:

(the person stands up)

stand up and fight anyhow

back to the beginning with another person,gender half of the room etc called the soldier

and that's pretty much it lol
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