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Speak, Lord!

Download PDF file of music and words, MIDI file

“Samuel! Samuel!” is what he heard.
“Speak, Lord! I’m listening for your word!”
“Samuel! Samuel! This I’ll do!
Couldn’t tell Eli so I'm telling you!"

Samuel was a fine young lad
When he went to help in the Tent of the Lord.
One night he was there all fast asleep
When he heard a call and went to the priest.
“It wasn’t me,” old Eli said,
“I didn’t call. Go back to bed.”
Twice more he woke. Then Eli knew -
“It is the Lord who’s calling you!”

“Samuel! Samuel!...”

Eli the priest was very old,
And his sons did things that displeased the Lord.
“Now stop it, my sons,” the old man said.
But they kept on doing the things that were bad.
They just despised the things of the Lord,
And a prophet told Eli, so he was warned.
So now the boy Samuel listened too
And learnt that God is always true.

“Samuel! Samuel!...”

From Sing Along, Moses! Songs for Children © Peter J. Blackburn, 1979, 1993 ISBN 0 9589794 2 1
Permission is granted for churches and individuals to make use of this song (including words, music and MIDI) in worship and in work with children. For other proposed use the specific permission of Peter J. Blackburn must be obtained.


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Hi!  I was having lunch with my family today and we were talking about christian songs. Automatically And God Cried came into my head. It isn't a title, but it is a lyric in a certain song about Jesus' trip to calvary and it states and God Cried 3x's i think.....Please help me remember what song this is....If anyone knows I would greatly appreciate it...I have already tried a lot of sites to find it with no luck. thank you...

And God Cried Accompaniment Track
The Master's Music Company is pleased to offer downloadable accompaniment tracks of "And God Cried" that include a full solo demo, duet demo, lyrics, and the accompaniment track.
The Master's Music Company. All rights reserved.
I have lyrics and musical score

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Am  looking for a hymn and the music that has these words (can't figure out the title of the hymn)...   "oh the cross, oh the cross, oh the beautiful cross"...

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I'm trying to find lyrics of a hymn that part of it goes "who will stand in the gap, who will fill the need, who will stay till the break of day, who for our cause will plead..." not sure if that's exactly how it goes, I can't remeber the title, and can't find it anywhere!


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I'm looking for the name or lyrics of a song that I just loved when I heard it & didn't realize how unfindable it would actually be!!!
Thank so much!

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I understand what you bring it very meaningful and useful, thanks.

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I Believe in Miracles is great! Thank you for sharing - I was looking just for this!
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