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The menu system on the 'C' menu of the Find Lyrics by Name is very poor. Please revert it to the system in use on 'A' !! It is very time consuming to have to guess where the hymn I need the Lyrics for has been placed. There is no clue as to the location of the Hymns. Please either revert to the previous system or put the beginning and ending hymn names on each of the selection prompts.  Your time would be better spent obtaining permissions for those hymns that are not in the system. And by the way, it is time wasting to not indicate the availability of the hymn requested until the hymn has been selected. A separate color for the menu is a far better help than a 'we dont have it' whole page. The older design seems to be better thought out. Please revert the menus... Thanks.... PK... =(:->>

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