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Have heard this song one time a few months back, but today it keeps running through my head..

All I can remember is it was sung kinda slow and it was about someone going to heaven and telling about what they saw as they walked along the golden road

I walked on a little farther and what did i see...

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 Had a vision of Heaven, what these eyes, they did see as I viewed way up yonder in the sweet eternity. As I entered that city and I stopped at the gate so anxious to enter I could hardly wait.

As I neared that city Jesus stood by the door, said, "My child enter in you are safe forever more,  won't you look all around to see who I could see"  for I had so many loved ones who were just ahead of me.

Walked on a little farther. Who is that I did see?  Why that's the little old lady who many times befriended me;  Helped me in my sickness and in trouble a helping hand.  Why that's her there singing in the blessed angel band.

Walked on a little farther who is that I did see?  Why that's Dad and Mama who were just ahead of me;  I wonder will they know me.  They have been gone so long?  With a smile they remembered, said "my child you're welcome home."

Oh, yes over yonder is a face I remember still.  Why that's the old fashioned preacher from the church upon the hill.  With is Bible I still see him standing there so many times telling us about this Heaven that someday I could call mine.

But I must keep on walkin', so many faces more.So many more faces that I am searching for;  But I won't have to hurry I'll take all the time I need, for I'm here forever through all eternity.

Patsy Coppett
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