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 Hi All,
     This is going to be interesting & exciting at the same time.  This is my first time finding and responding with you (all).  I've been looking for several
song lyrics and accompany music.  Sounds like I have a chance now.
      I know the words to the story/poem "Three Rusty Nails"  I have a 33 record that has a song that follows it. I just don't have the MUSIC for my piano player.  Some of the words might be criss-crossed. Here's what I do know.    

       With 3 rusty nails they nailed Jesus to the tree.
       The sun turned to darkness on that day.
       They drove the nails so deep, spilled His Blood and made Him weep.
       The Blood that washed my sins away.

       They laughed as He cried, Soldiers pierced His naked side.  
       And His Father turned His face away.  
       ???????????????????? etc. etc.    

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